Monday, 17 September 2012

Summer Project

I based my summer project on life-forms and machines. My friends and I had a very nostalgic last night together before we all went our separate ways, so i decided to create these characters loosely based on myself and my friends. 

The robot is not based on anyone, but was a piece that was inspired by the film 'Real Steel'. I went in the more mechanic direction and didn't use a humanoid face because I feel that a robot shouldn't have a great resemblance to humans.

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  1. Heya Dhuran! Welcome to the CGAA community! It is a great place full of lovely friendly and extremely helpful people so do not feel worried about not making any friends or feeling uncomfortable. :)

    I'm Emma a soon to be second year and your mentor for the year! If you have any questions or would just like a chat feel free to comment on any post on my blog or email me at :)

    You are in for a very exciting but also challenging year, but don't worry it is very rewarding! At first you may stress and worry that you arn't quite understanding somethings like maya for example but just stick with it and you'll be surprised when it all just clicks!

    It is great that you have already started blogging so well done! These drawings are looking great. I'm just wondering though if you have seen the two sheets of objects that were included with the project to attempt to use to produce lifeforms, machines and structures through combining them in whichever way you see fit. If you are not sure about these objects maybe pop onto some of your fellow first year blogs for some inspiration or of course you can chat to me!

    Look forward to meeting you Friday/next week :)