Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Life Drawings 23/10

These are the life drawings we did this week. The first one I did was a mix up of different techniques which threw off my concentration; I started with the top half of the body and then drew the grid and carried on. Whereas the second one I started with the grid which was greatly helpful in helping me maintain proportion and shape.

Final Concept 2 - (The Silver City of Amarganth)

This is my final concept of The Silver City of Amarganth.

Roger Vadim - Barbarella (1968)


Submission Disc Artwork - Unit 1

For my disc art I decided to use part of my thumbnail, because I liked the idea of having half of a tree on the side of the cover, and also going across the top, I felt this looked more professional, rather than having my final concepts on the front.

Front Cover


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Photoshop Tutorials

These are some tutorials we did in Photoshop.

The first two are experiments with the different brush presents we had. I used the blocking brush with different opacities, and a variety of texture brushes as well.


These next two are experiments with light. As my final concepts have light in then and are a big part, i wanted to make sure i could use light effectively, I dont feel that i succeeded with 4 as much as i did with 3, because 3 has a better atmosphere whereas 4 looks plain.

Next I experimented with layers and depth.

This last experinment was perspective and although I haven't got a bacckgound, i have got the hang of using the free transform and skew tools.

Final Concept 1 - (The Desert of Colours)

This is my Final Concept of 'The Desert of Colours'.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Thumbnails 53 - 73

These are the thumbnails I created with my latest ideas of how I want my final digital paintings. they are darker than my earlier ones, because I want to keep the dark and dying atmosphere of the book.

Life Drawings - 16/10

I produced these life drawings in our last lesson, the first image is of quick 2 minute poses, these were out of my comfort zone as I am used to more slower drawings. The next image was a little better, they were both 10 minute poses and immediately it is obvious that the time is used well as the image is more in proportion, and filled out rather that just lines.

This one was done over the past two lessons, 3 hours overall, and was done to experiment with negative spaces and the contrast between light and dark. I feel that this is my best drawing to date, as the proportions are correct and it looks more realistic than my others as well.

Thumbnails 17 - 19

These are few quick thumbnails I did to further explore my ideas.


This is a Photoshop rendition of thumbnail 11 from my previous post, as I liked the atmosphere it created. I am considering developing this more and using it as my final painting.

This thumbnail was more of an experiment to practice having the sun shining over a hill during the morning. I felt that I have succeeded as I feel this painting has a cold mood and the contrasting warmth from the yellow glow of the sun.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Thumbnails 37 - 52

These are the next set of thumbnails I have produced. I used the idea of expanding my tone more on these, as I had mainly produced dark images that are not the sole mood of the book.