Saturday, 20 October 2012

Life Drawings - 16/10

I produced these life drawings in our last lesson, the first image is of quick 2 minute poses, these were out of my comfort zone as I am used to more slower drawings. The next image was a little better, they were both 10 minute poses and immediately it is obvious that the time is used well as the image is more in proportion, and filled out rather that just lines.

This one was done over the past two lessons, 3 hours overall, and was done to experiment with negative spaces and the contrast between light and dark. I feel that this is my best drawing to date, as the proportions are correct and it looks more realistic than my others as well.


  1. Your last drawing is a win! It looks great and the way you placed the model and used the lights - I really like it. Bold, almost graphic use of shadows :)
    Keep it up!