Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Unit 1 - Space and Environment OGR

Online Greenlight Review

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  1. OGR 11/10/2012

    Evening Dhuran,

    Okay - I've a few issues to raise with you after reading your OGR presentation - some conceptual and creative, some more general. Firstly, well done for getting your first interim phase done and dusted. Your interpretation of The Nothing, for example, is interesting - but without supporting evidence - which makes it speculative and a bit wishy-washy.

    More seriously, I'd question your judgement in regard to some of your choices in regard to your intended scenes. Your second choice appears to be disproportionately concerned with character, and that's outside of this unit, which is dealing with spaces, and I didn't quite follow the logic in regard to your treating your third scene as a 'theatrical poster'. In truth, there is something ultimately a bit garbled about your actual intentions as a 'concept artist' (i.e. someone who is challenged to 'design a world' in response to an existing source). If I'm being completely honest - and I often am - there are some issues here too in regard to quantity and quality of your thumbnails and associated presentation. Yes, thumbnails are quick and investigative, but some of these images feel more like doodles, and for someone who appears as character-focused as you are, your depiction of the human form is a bit too 'stick man' to be properly illustrative.

    I get no sense from your OGR that you've actually developed a visual 'opinion' on this world you're being challenged to design and then depict. For example, the floating city is depicted in your thumbnail in a very basic and generic way, but from where does its architectural identity come from? What 'style' is it? What shapes, proportion and ornamentation characterise this fantastical city?

    Okay - straight talk time. My experience suggests that the reason why your OGR is indistinct, provisional and vague is because you haven't really committed to the true challenge of the project yet. To re-state: there are issues of quality and quantity here, Dhuran, both in terms of your conceptualisation of the book, the way in which you're exploring ideas through drawing, and the presentation of your OGR more generally.

    So - drop the characters - all of them - and choose again for your second scene, because it seems odd to me that you should be focusing on an extract that isn't descriptive of the sort of space a concept artist might be challenged to depict. I want to see a more serious and determined approach to producing the most dynamic compositions of which you're currently capable (because these aren't), and I want a bit more quality control please... oh, and don't fall behind with your film reviews, because I'd suggest you've already got some catching up to do.