Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thumbnails 1 - 12

These are the first set of thumbnails I have produced based on the research from "The Neverending Story". 


  1. Good to see your thumbnails up! Just a quick bit of advice - if you are going to photograph your sketches, it is a good idea to take them into Photoshop afterwards and crop them a bit, so that you lose the edges and spiral binding of the sketchbook... it just makes them look more professional. I like number 11 - very dark and atmospheric! :)

  2. Hey thanks for the advice, I'll do that, @Im also going to take the pictures during the day beacause the pencil is more visible with sunlight than artificial.

  3. Hey Dhuran - Jackie is being gentle with you... These images look awful (not the content - the presentation!). This breaks one of the first golden rules of your blooming professionalism and 'personal brand' - this post looks amateurish, with much of the feedback it's likely to attract centering on the presentation - not the work. I suggest that this is the first - and last time - that you put your name to a bunch of rather grubby, soft-focused pics :(

    Meanwhile - yes - that very expressionistic, moody thumbnail making great use of silhouettes is very striking indeed. However, I want to see more evidence of a 'visual concept' developing - Design with a capital 'D' - in otherwords, instead of just drawing generic architecture or generic landscapes, let's see more evidence that you're using real world influences to inspire a credible and coherent fantasy world. Fantasy NEEDS the real world always if it is going to convince audiences of its 'reality'! Be more bold, be more investigative (and be more professional!). Looking forward to your next post - which I'm sure will be a big improvement :)