Friday, 5 October 2012

Thumbnails 13 - 16

These are just a few thumbnails that I've done on Photoshop.






  1. lots of energy and expression in these, Dhuran - the top one really pops.

  2. Hey Dhuran these are looking really cool. Somewhat 'magical' so very suited to your book! :) Look forward to seeing where you take these next!

    This isn't necessary but sometimes it's nice to annotate under a couple of your thumbnails what you have done and why because it really helps people grasp the direction you are attempting to go in :) Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Dhuran, like Phil said that top image really pops. More of these quick and expressive thumbnails will really help explore new possibilities. Try playing around with the brush presets in photoshop (brush scatter etc.) This will help create unique and varied shapes that may inspire new ideas for composition.

  4. Dhuran, loving these thumbnails! particularly numbers 13 and 14. the lashes of colour you've used are very bold and expressive and I feel the photo shop thumbnails are definitely a step up from the pencil thumbnails in terms of color and character. keep up the good work, i look forward to seeing what else you can produce :)