Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Thumbnails 20 - 36

I started to look more at atmosphere and the composition rather than the actual elements in the picture. I also started to draw smaller pictures rather than A5, I drew out some boxes and used those to draw in and set myself a 5 minute time limit for each one.

When I produced this piece, which is "The Silver City Of Amarganth", i had the skyline of Dubai or Bangkok with their majestic cityscapes, as they have huge towering skyscrapers but interspresed with smaller buildings.


  1. Ohh I really like the atmosphere of 21! The amount of depth in 36 is really good too :D

  2. These are about a MILLION times more successful, Dhuran - well done for moving your thinking along - really liking number 20 and 30 - and I think you should consider using them to 'grow' some bigger compositions from them; take them into photoshop, reduce them, position them within a new 16:9 canvas, and then use the pen and tablet to create extended compositions from the original.

  3. Thanks! yeah I'm going to get to 50 on paper, then go into Photoshop and start messing around and develop until I have my final