Friday, 30 November 2012

Maya - First Model

These are the first sets of models i have produced in Maya, they aren't very detailed, but i think they have potential, i still have to add details to the holograms, and add the fibre optic cables that feed into the orb.

Photoshop - Panels

This morning in photoshop we were asked to make 3 panels and draw some quick sketches, around 5-10 minutes, with the same colour scheme, later on we picked our favourite and worked into it.

 I have had trouble posting the other images, because Blogger just won't accept any of my work but I will get around to uploading it.

I am really happy with the way this turned out, i find it very psychedelic with the odd colour scheme. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Final Hero Prop Concept Art

My final hero prop stemmed from the idea of having a bowl in the center of the room with all of the knowledge and all of the mechanical information that keeps my character's data, it is basically her brain and without it she can't function or operate any of her equipment.

Life Drawing 27/11

My initial 2-minute sketches, I think, are improving a lot. I'm starting to fully take use of the page and control my proportion with height, but I still have trouble getting the thickness of the body.

This was an exercise that had 4 5-minute poses, and it was a gradual animation from crouching to a standing position.

I feel that this is my best drawing from this session, I ignored the actual lighting and decided to use a two-tone and make one half black and the other grey.
This was an experimental piece where we got pieces of paper and ripped it to form the shape of the model, then I used chalk, charcoal and a blue marker to fill in the shading.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Maya - Hero Prop

These are some quick "thumbnails" of my hero prop that I modeled in Maya.
I started with this drawn thumbnail and expanded my idea from here onward. I quite liked the idea of a long point at the bottom, but at first I wasn't sure how to go about doing it and it ended with a short flat base instead.

Then I had the idea that, even though my character is an A.I., I still need to add some elements, however small to the idea of being a witch, and came up with having a floating "crystal ball". It didn't look as effective as I hoped because it still looked forced and blocky and I wanted it to flow.

This is when the ideas really started to come to me and I thought of just using one cylinder and make it stretched, and that worked much better, and this is what my final prop fully spawned from.


these next two were just some quick modifications that i thought might work.. but they didn't... However, the first one did give me an idea, the point coming up from the center inspired me to add that to the original model.

This is the final and I'm really happy with it, i added the point and after that I just felt I  had finished and when I put it into my scene it fits well

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Maya - Digital Sets

After many hours of continuous work, my digital set has finally come to life! 

When is first modelled it, it was very simple because I just wanted to have the basics blocked out so I could start UV Mapping. I think I've found the modelling suits me best, because I find that my fine art background has helped me with the sculpting of shapes

I then changed certain parts  to make it more interesting, for example I made the crates look broken and I made the poster look as if it was peeling off the wall. The UVs did take a while, but it was a relief when it was finally done.

The lighting is where i started to hit real troubles, when I started to place certain lights, they were either too dark or too light, but after much patience, I managed to get every light to be how I wanted it.

I then moved onto the colour maps, this was also more suited to me, because we had to take the maps into Photoshop for manipulations.

The bump and specular maps didn't take me too long, it was a simple process of applying previously made maps, and the ones I had to make where simply taking the colour maps onto Photoshop and adjusting the curves up for the bump maps and down for the specular maps.

Finally I went back to Photoshop and added dirt around the bottom of the lamp, under the window and under the supports of the arch. This was also the last chance to make a final render, so I made sure my setting were set to 16:9 and at a high resolution to do the image justice!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Final Concept - 3

This is my second attempt at my final concept, I didn't clutter the space up as much as last time, taking out unnecessary elements such as the bed and altar. In my Maya version i would have more cables protruding from the orb, the reason I didn't include many in to painting is that while painting I didn't feel that the cables looked effective when drawn. My hero prop in the centre of the orb is her "memory and information bank"; it hold all of her memory and data that makes up her entire being. I am going to do a more detailed version of this to show it more clearly. I am not 100% satisfied with the camera angle also, but in Maya i will have the chance to alter this top get it right.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Final Concept - 1 & 2

These are my original concept pieces, although I am still working on new ones, I liked the aspect of the orbs and I am going to continue this forward.

The wood inside this doesn't really make sense, and even though that its wrong, it has given me a good insight on the future. I am going to have a pensive like object that holds her entire information, and have a holographic control panel that she can interact with, but because it's holographic, it can change according to function.
I'm going to keep the orb shape, but I am also going to change it dramatically. It's going to be suspended from  cables that feed information and have a purpose, more than just to hold it into place, and it is going to be the central hub of information.

Thumbnails 1-19

When I started my thumbnails, I wasn't really on the right track, I was confused as to how I wanted to portray my character and her environment being of both a mechanical and natural elements. I was focusing more on the witch part and disregarding the cyborg element. Eventually, I came up with the idea of an artificial intelligence that instead of cursing people, the uses the mechanical network to infect the world with a virus. 

This is when i really started to get better, i looked at orbs and different suspended balls, and decided to use an electric "Bubble" because it is her own bubble that no-one else can access.

My hero prop initially was a holographic projector, I quite liked this idea, but it was pointed out to me that inside of the microchip where my A.I. lived, she wouldn't need the projector, as it was only there for her to take form in the physical world, where she lives purely in the metaphorical.

After my first set of concept pieces, I chose to re-do them as they didn't really make sense, with wooden elements inside this metaphorical world, I chose to use the idea of fibre optic cable going into a central hub, with sybolises the heart, and her to live inside the heart of the internet, which is the main running system and the best place for her to "infect/curse".

I also decided to re-do my hero prop, and instead of a projector, I used a pensive like object that sits in the centre of the space and holds all of the data that makes my A.I. what she is, and all of the knowledge she possesses.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Influence Maps

These maps are a revised version of the first. I have decided to change the way my character is and how she lives; I am going for a more futuristic style with the sci fi world to successfully incorporate the Cyborg element.

Influence Maps

These maps were done using less obvious Wiccan and pagan artefacts. I started to look at home-made altars and chests. I chose to use home-made rather than "official" altars because the idea of home-made seems to me to be amateur. 

Life Drawing - 13/11

These are today's drawings from our life drawing lesson. I feel like this was a successful session, the first image is relatively in proportion and I tried to use negative space in the background.

The final images were done using heavy black lines of ink and shading with charcoal. when it came to the detail on the face, I ended up making it too dark, so I filled it in with ink using a pipe-cleaner and then used chalk to lighten the parts up. I felt this was good use of media, and it gave contrast to the entire piece.