Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Character Bible

Character Profile

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  1. Evening Dhuran - wow, your blog is about 1 million times more engaging! You've obviously reflected on my feedback - you and I should have a chat so we can talk in more detail about your first five weeks and all the positive stuff that can come from it. I'm going to suggest we meet before the film on Tuesday - how about 1pm in the CGAA baseroom? Email me to confirm - or rearrange etc.

    Meanwhile... okay, well you've got a fascinating element in your back-story here; the notion that it's happening in Saudi Arabia - but this detail doesn't seem to contribute to ideas about her environment in any meaningful way. Remember - the point of the brief is to design an environment that associates very closely (and not generically) with your character. So how is this story - the Saudi Arabian setting? - contribute to the production design of your cyborg witch's lair? How is all this back-story contributing to your understanding of your character's physical surroundings?

    Other stuff to consider - what is the actual relationship between the cyborg-ness and the witch? Right now, she just sounds like a cybernetic woman with a weaponised arm - and if so, how does her 'witchy-ness' contribute to her environment? Right now - the Saudi setting excepted - she feels very generic.

    Why does even need to be a 'burnt at the stake' type of witch at all? A witch is defined as a person who 'casts spells' over people - someone who can influence the lives of others by using her powers. Might not she be a powerful evil female who controls people via the internet/wi-fi - she's 'plugged in' somewhere 'casting spells' via fibre-optic cabling and the world wide web? My point is you're thinking very literally right now - about both story elements - and your story as written above isn't giving you the potential for a lair/environment that is actually 'about' your charater - that reflects or describes her. It's great that you've commited to this idea, but I think you should have more ideas - and think more creative about both 'cyborg' and 'witch' (and, in truth, the idea of a cybernetic arm arm is a bit cliched, right?).