Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Character Maps

For these maps I focused on the character. I've decided to morph the limbs so that they look more mechanical, and have the body and the face to look human. This fits better with my story (which is in my character bible post). I have also included a few hero prop ideas into these maps, because it is going to be the mechanical arm.


  1. Oooo I like these images!
    Are you going to portray her in a dark, purpley blue theme?
    Half cyborg, half witch with human features?
    If you were to draw her, you could add all the magic around her and coming from the palm of her hands - the stereotype! :D Electric on the other from the robotic side.

    I have a Robotic Super Spy who is female - so I feel I can relate.

    Excited to see thumbnails! :D

  2. These influence maps look very promising!
    I hope to see some cool designs out of them!
    Good luck! : ))

  3. Hey Dhuran, if you're looking at existing examples of witchcraft you may want to look at the film 'Practical Magic' or even the tv show 'Charmed'. In Charmed they cover all sorts of witchcraft with episodes dating back to more traditional witchcraft (witches as evil), modern black magic witchcraft and white magic witchcraft. It may not help costume wise with the more modernised witchcraft but it may be useful in exploring your character's behaviour/personality :)