Saturday, 24 November 2012

Maya - Digital Sets

After many hours of continuous work, my digital set has finally come to life! 

When is first modelled it, it was very simple because I just wanted to have the basics blocked out so I could start UV Mapping. I think I've found the modelling suits me best, because I find that my fine art background has helped me with the sculpting of shapes

I then changed certain parts  to make it more interesting, for example I made the crates look broken and I made the poster look as if it was peeling off the wall. The UVs did take a while, but it was a relief when it was finally done.

The lighting is where i started to hit real troubles, when I started to place certain lights, they were either too dark or too light, but after much patience, I managed to get every light to be how I wanted it.

I then moved onto the colour maps, this was also more suited to me, because we had to take the maps into Photoshop for manipulations.

The bump and specular maps didn't take me too long, it was a simple process of applying previously made maps, and the ones I had to make where simply taking the colour maps onto Photoshop and adjusting the curves up for the bump maps and down for the specular maps.

Finally I went back to Photoshop and added dirt around the bottom of the lamp, under the window and under the supports of the arch. This was also the last chance to make a final render, so I made sure my setting were set to 16:9 and at a high resolution to do the image justice!

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