Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Maya - Hero Prop

These are some quick "thumbnails" of my hero prop that I modeled in Maya.
I started with this drawn thumbnail and expanded my idea from here onward. I quite liked the idea of a long point at the bottom, but at first I wasn't sure how to go about doing it and it ended with a short flat base instead.

Then I had the idea that, even though my character is an A.I., I still need to add some elements, however small to the idea of being a witch, and came up with having a floating "crystal ball". It didn't look as effective as I hoped because it still looked forced and blocky and I wanted it to flow.

This is when the ideas really started to come to me and I thought of just using one cylinder and make it stretched, and that worked much better, and this is what my final prop fully spawned from.


these next two were just some quick modifications that i thought might work.. but they didn't... However, the first one did give me an idea, the point coming up from the center inspired me to add that to the original model.

This is the final and I'm really happy with it, i added the point and after that I just felt I  had finished and when I put it into my scene it fits well

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