Friday, 16 November 2012

Unit 2 - Secret Lairs OGR


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  1. OGR 16/11/2012

    Hey Dhuran,

    The good news is I think your radically different take on your cyborg witch is about 1000 times more interest than before, so well done on pushing beyond the literalism of your first ideas. The idea of this 'ghost in the machine' is interesting and dovetails with the idea of witchcraft being predicated on the idea of influencing 'systems' and 'interactions'. The idea too of a vengeful character visiting death on her persecutors is also a reoccurring theme in witchcraft stories.

    I like the idea of the sphere space too - a sort of bubble or hub in the centre of everything. In truth I'd like to see this thrashed out a bit more, Dhuran, because I'm no so keen on the teardrop shape, because I don't see what that purple material has got to do with technologies etc. around it - or why she would even need the sphere to be attached (why can't it just 'be'?) or perhaps it should look more like a junction box or hub - a simple enough shape, but at the meeting place for lots of fibre-optics or data-streams?

    Also - I was really confused to see a bunkbed and what looked like a desk, book and candle inside her hub bubble? She's a hologram - and a hologram from the 2447 century - why has she got a candle? And why does she need a bed? And why is everything made of wood, paper and candlewax - hologram projections, I presume - but still, what's the logic of their design and appearance?

    Personally, I think the hologram projection device is a bit of a waste of a hero prop - after all, she's already inside a cyber-realm which arguably means you don't have to justify her existence as a hologram - she just 'is'.

    I'd suggest your hero prop should be much more 'about' her character - and I think there's another opportunity to map your witchcraft stuff onto this sci-fi future universe. Isn't there some kind of way you can convert the witch's cauldron (the place wherein the witch creates her spells) into some kind of portal device or 'mixer' or power source, in which she creates her cyber-curses?

    Give it some thought, Dhuran - you've come a long way, but you need to go the full distance in terms of your own logic.