Friday, 2 November 2012

Influence Maps

These influence maps are for the hero prop. I have focused more on the witch part for these, looking at brooms, daggers, wands and cauldrons. 

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  1. Hi Dhuran,

    Okay - I'm already a bit worried that you're not thinking creatively enough about your character - you're not doing the legwork. I want to see some logic in your approach - so, I'd begin by researching the cultural icon of the 'witch' in general terms, because what you're looking for is something from 'within' the associations of witches that also gives you the 'cyborg' bit. 'Witch' doesn't 'mean' broomsticks and cauldrons necessarily - as a category, it's more broad than that - likewise, I want to see you researching the whole idea of cyborg - in culture, in fiction etc. At the moment, your influence maps are pretty stereotypical - I know it's early days, but I already know from your struggle to conceptualise your Neverending Story scenes, that you need to develop your thinking and design skills - go and have more ideas, Dhuran - lots of them; for an example of something really doing the legwork, check out Katy Fosdike's blog...