Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Thumbnails 1-19

When I started my thumbnails, I wasn't really on the right track, I was confused as to how I wanted to portray my character and her environment being of both a mechanical and natural elements. I was focusing more on the witch part and disregarding the cyborg element. Eventually, I came up with the idea of an artificial intelligence that instead of cursing people, the uses the mechanical network to infect the world with a virus. 

This is when i really started to get better, i looked at orbs and different suspended balls, and decided to use an electric "Bubble" because it is her own bubble that no-one else can access.

My hero prop initially was a holographic projector, I quite liked this idea, but it was pointed out to me that inside of the microchip where my A.I. lived, she wouldn't need the projector, as it was only there for her to take form in the physical world, where she lives purely in the metaphorical.

After my first set of concept pieces, I chose to re-do them as they didn't really make sense, with wooden elements inside this metaphorical world, I chose to use the idea of fibre optic cable going into a central hub, with sybolises the heart, and her to live inside the heart of the internet, which is the main running system and the best place for her to "infect/curse".

I also decided to re-do my hero prop, and instead of a projector, I used a pensive like object that sits in the centre of the space and holds all of the data that makes my A.I. what she is, and all of the knowledge she possesses.


  1. Ohhh #11 is really interesting! Perhaps you could expand this image further to 16 by 9 scale as this would probably make it pop. Always try and remember and do thumbnails of scenes 16 by 9 as this really helps with composition and atmosphere. Obviously props/elements of scenes can be drawn not 16 by 9 separately but 16 by 9 is always great for working out space. Nice one though! :D