Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Final Models

In the beginning I was very apprehensive to start modeling, but once i got into it, ideas just started to flow and i think that finally, my model looks a lot more professional and cinematic than my concept and what i had in mind in the first place.
Once i had finished modeling, i took a few renders for different views, because although i know my scene, I'm not 100% sure on what angle to have.



An idea that came to me, was when i selected the background sphere, the way the mesh curved around the sphere made me look at it and imagine the space more. To me,the lines it give it depth and make make it feel more like a space, or environment rather that just an image. These are the kind of things i have in mind to make sure my final scene looks like a model and not a Photoshop painting.

So far this is my favourite angle. I really like the idea of having the view from inside one of the cables, but it doesn't show as much of the scene inside as i would like. But there are more cables that i can use!



This is just the wire frame of the model, to show the "inner workings". 

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