Sunday, 13 January 2013

Story Ideas

A few stories I came up with initially didn't seem to me to be really up there as a well thought out film, for this project I want to really focus more and turn out a better outcome, so I sat down and really thought and these are the ideas I came up with using a museum, a butler and a mouse trap:

1 - The butler is a looking after his master's hotel and on his usual check up of all of the exhibits realises that a mouse has been chewing its way through some of the wooden artefacts and makes his mission to catch it in just one night. He lays out mouse traps and bait around specific locations in the hotel but ends up in a chase with the mouse who is cleverer that butler and is constantly eluding him.

This will be more of slapstick style like the old Laurel and Hardy films and even using the same era in time. I find that butlers and museums were more prominent and more greatly acknowledged in the early 1900s, maily around the 20s and 30s.


2 - A butler, who on his day off goes to view an \ancient history museum accidently steps on a mouse trap setting off a string of event that leads to a huge surprise ending, I'm not 100% sure on how to end it, but at the moment I like the idea of having a butterfly effect series of events, which opens the storyline up to end on a cliffhanger. I want to have a big unexpected event that puts the butler into a final dilemma.

I haven't fully got the story thought out, but even this small explanation helps me to undestand what I'm dealing with.

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  1. Hi Dhuran, I was thinking about your three things I like idea 1, what if the museum was part of a house or what if it was the queens palace and there's a section of it that was turned into a museum that exhibited weird things like the first mouse trap ever used by the queen or the the first plunger she ever used ect and the mouse trap some how starts to give the butler trouble .