Sunday, 3 March 2013


For this project I really wanna to go outside my comfort zone and expand the way I think. I've gone in the direction of doing a virus (Prokaryotic, not sure which at this point) and how it eventually attacks and kills off healthy human cells (Eukaryotic). To make it interesting, I want to make all the cells like their own planets, futuristic with epic features. Im thinking of have a connection with space, having the healthy cell as a planet and the virus as an infected meteor or asteroid that collides and how it takes over.

I will start by showing how the "planet" is formed by the body but personified through spacial objects.

The different locations within the planet would be the different elements of the cell, for example the "Capital" of the planet would be the nucleus, the planets crust would be the membrane, and the central highway would be the cytoskeletal structure.

For the actual style I want it to be quite a dark and serious to get away from the comedy that I'm used to. I want to go in the direction of realistic looking concepts and make the cells and viruses look monumental in scale rather than most of the scientific videos that are out there that still personify them as being small.

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