Friday, 8 March 2013

Unit 4 - Fantastic Voyage OGR


  1. OGR 09/03/2013

    Hey Dhuran,

    Okay - before I discuss your concept, I just want to tweak your nose about your graphic design and your blog template. Right now, you've got this massive banner on your blog, a very hard to read font for both your name and the course title and everything is really, really funereal. In truth, your blog looks a little too much like a funeral parlour's website, and I just want you to take a look at some of the templates of your classmates as a guide to just finessing this aspect (the same is true of your OGR document - really gloomy-looking document...) Just take a look at these blogs for some 'fresh air' and some upbeat vibes:

    Okay - so about your idea then: I suppose I'm a bit concerned in regard to the idea of you taking on two cg characters at this early stage of your Maya experience. You don't give an indication in your OGR how complex these characters might be, but let me just tell you know that if you're thinking of character designing, modelling, rigging, animating etc. 2 characters as well as creating everything else in your world, then you're not thinking realistically enough. It would be good to hear your thoughts on this aspect of your idea sooner rather than later. One way of approaching this idea would be to create the animation from a first person POV - as if someone is exploring the terrain and the audience is watching the 'live feed' from their helmet camera - thus doing away with the need for an actual character. However, very importantly, you'd need to set this up within your film so that the audience understands this visual mechanism etc.

    The sci-fi idea is fine, but you need to ensure the scientific content is paramount, and that it doesn't just become a decorative experience. In terms of your art direction, your use of colour in your thumbnails remind me strongly of the pulp sci-fi work of Frank R Paul:

    and Chris Foss:

    One of your historic weaknesses, Dhuran, has been actual design - the actual process of production design and producing sustained, refined drawings - as opposed to committing to your first idea. I REALLY want to see you privileging the design process above all else - you need to create a distinctive, non-generic world and so I suggest that you work closely with the 2 artist references above to encourage you to be bold and properly imaginative.

  2. I'm pushing all students to commit to a 'thumbnail animatic' for the early part of next week, so we can all see very clearly how you're sequencing and structuring your films. You need to keep everything you've learned in your previous units in mind - i.e. coverage of shots, composition, mise-en-scene - the works!