Wednesday, 17 April 2013


My Pre-Viz. I have noticed that there are a few mistakes, for example the is a cut near the Mitochondria that I want to remove, and there is a spelling error at the end, but overall I fell good about this runthough and am starting to smooth out all of the textures, modelling and animations.


  1. hey Dhuran,

    Great to see this arrive on here :) One observation I'd make is that you're actually covering up a lot of your actual environment with all the cockpit stuff - it feels as if we're looking through a very cluttered windscreen and I'm finding it a bit frustrating, because I really want to see more of the environment - can you identify some ways to open up the viewing area more?

  2. Looking good so far! - yes, 2 spelling errors spotted...proteins and glucose. :)