Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Character - Ideas

For the character project, the words I was given were:

and Isolation.

As this is an odd combination, I really had to think of ideas but i have managed to come up with a few.

The first scenario is an alternate history, where the Viking mythology hadn't died out and it continued onwards. Instead of the pagan religion mixing with Christianity they clashed heavily and this feud escalated over thousands of years eventually causing  a nuclear war. This lead the Vikings to live underground and find ways of sustaining life. As they became more desperate, their technology became more and more advanced and they began to experiment on the dying warriors, giving them robotic limbs or transferring their entire consciousness into a mechanical body. This led them to become much stronger and larger in size, without a need to produce a food source.

The Hero: The leader of the Viking resistance, is a veteran of war and has a bionic leg, arm and left                     side of his chest.

The Sidekick: The Hero's companion who is always with him in war, his horse, layered in armour                             with a strong stance. But his mechanical parts are constantly going wrong and his                               mind is overpowering the mechanics.

The Villain: A robotic entity that has taken over as the head of the church, as humans are too weak to rule. He is disguised as a rendition of the pope long dead so as not to arise suspicion amongst the humans.

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