Thursday, 30 January 2014

Maya - Games Modelling Part 07

These are the two base texture maps we created. 

Rough Rock

Wooden Planks

Maya - Games Modelling Part 06

Platform UV

Platform Occlusion 

Platform Normals

The Same has been done for the Stone Pillars and the Planks and Anchor Plates, but Blogger seems to not like the other maps and just shows them as block colours, I will amend this and then post them at a later date.

Maya - Games Modelling Part 05

Part 05 - Test Rope Normals

Monday, 27 January 2014

Infographic Scenes

These are the basic scenes I am using for my Infographic.

Scene 01: Light Switch
My first scene will start with dark, with a light switch just barely showing. The credits will roll, and then the light will switch on and a 3Dish circle will appear, with bacteria crawling around, like a petri dish. Another circle will then roll around the inside, producing a pie chart with the information above on it.

Scene 02: Toilet
The next scene is slightly different from the drawing above. There will be a hand that dips a sponge, but instead of a bucket it will be a sink. Once the sponge has been dunked, the sink will slide out to the left, and a toilet will slide in from the right to the centre, where the sponge will be dunked in the toilet then wiped on mirror.

Scene 03: Toothbrushes
The toothbrush scene, is, in my opinion, the most horrifying fact I have found. the scene will have a set of toothbrushes in a cup next to a toilet, the toilet will then flush and spew out brown particles which will travel and settle onto the brushes and engulf them

Switch 04: Shower Curtain
The Shower curtain scene and the bathtub scene's order are up for debate at the moment, they could possibly switch depending on how they turn out in the final mix. The Shower curtain is going to start bunched up to the left hand side and the open out fully.

Scene 05: Bathtub
This scene is going to be a birds eye view of a tub, with some water in it, it is a very simple scene, but then the text will change with another fact, and a swarm of bugs come up from the drain covering the bath in crawling bacterium.

Scene 06:
The final scene is going to be a cloth that falls from above and settle in the middle of the screen. the text will crawl into place around it and microbes will come out and start eating the cloth.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Environment Concepts

These are some of the environment concepts, I produced. I wanted them to be clean, and very minimalistic, and I think that number one or number four are the most successful. 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Script of Events

There is a fade in from black, and the camera is head on facing the bathroom door. The credits show, stating "Gross Facts About..' which fade out and "Bathroom" appears. This fades out and then the door opens into a pristine bathroom, white and elegant looking.  As the camera pans around the room, a head up display appears with the names of the different germs and gross facts about each piece of equipment (Fig. 01). The camera pans backwards showing the bathroom in its entirety and concentric circles start to emanate from the different germ inhabited places, such as the toilet, the drain, the toothbrush, the door handles etc.. (Fig. 02 + 03)

Fig. 01
(I couldn't find a picture of the image I wanted to show, so I made a quick mask in After Effects to show it.)

 Fig. 02

Fig. 03

The contour map is a kind of indication of how the germs disperse from the center, and fade out. I am also going to show this with the use of colour and shading, the darker the colour the more dense the germs, and the more washed out the colour looks, the less germs there are.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bathroom Final Facts

These are the final facts that I am going to go with for my animation. I feel that these are the "grossest" and most amusing facts. I have yet to figure out how I am going to show the actual text, but the fact within the text is going to be shown as concentric circles emitting from different elements within the bathroom.

Bathroom Influence Maps

For my bathroom, I want it to look very modern and sophisticated. I really like the distinction between black and white, as opposing colours, and in an odd way, a very light blue to black or white to a very dark purple also match quite well in this room. 

For my colour palette, I looked at the gradient of white to black (1), light blue to black (2) and off white to dark purple (3). After looking at these images I decided to go with the white to dark purple. However, for shadows and darker areas, I would go for a darker purple and try to avoid black as the bathroom is a generally well lit area of the house.

Idea Revised

After my tutorial, I decided to slightly alter my idea, instead of designing the whole house, I am just going to focus on the bathroom, and make it the focal point of my info graphic. The reasoning behind this, is that most of the facts I found all relate to the bathroom, and the facts that were for other rooms, like the door handle and above cabinets, can all occur in the bathroom as well.

Visually I want the environment to be very modern and clean looking, as this will have a definite contrast to the "grossness" of my animation. It is going to be a white environment with very little colour, and when the information starts to appear, a certain designated colour will spread in the form of contour map concentric circles to further explain the point. The colours are going to be dark browns, and other colours that suggest repulsion.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Maya - Games Modelling Part 02

02 - UVing

Anchor Rope UV

Knots UV

Pillar UV

Plank And Anchor UV

Rope Bridge UV

Stone Platform UV

Maya - Games Modelling Part 01

Modeling 01

Room Ideas

These images were going to be used as influence maps, however, after my talk with Phil, i decided to eliminate the other rooms and focus on the bathroom as that is the place in the house that is considered the cleanest, and associated with hygiene. 

Mudbox Tutorial

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Research - Style/Idea

While researching, I looked certain styles. I really like the idea of going 3D with some 2D elements. The block colours with solid shadows also appeal to me, as it is simple, but looks really effective. 

The image on the bottom left hand corner caught my eye, as I like the way it is laid out, like a spider diagram, I can see myself replicating this in a way that I have the main view of my house in the centre, then have offshoots showing the different rooms then zooming in to see these rooms. The difference here, would be that the rooms are decorated like rooms around the house, but are unfurnished, and have the main focal point in the centre of the rooms with the facts and orbiting it. The main facts and objects will be in 2D to separate the focus between foreground and background

Monday, 13 January 2014

Research - Gross Facts

I looked up some Gross Facts about things around the house. I am going to narrow them down to around 7-8 and focus on defining them more and proceed with those.

If you don't close the lid when you flush, you can actually aerosolize all the filth," the Science Channel says. And a toothbrush, with its moist, bacteria-friendly environment and plenty of microbe-ready hiding spots in between its bristles, might be the home of a bacterium's dreams.

Your Drain
Most bathroom bugs enter through cracks, crevices and doors, according to the Science Channel.

Your Washcloth or Sponge
Just like we need water to live, so do bacteria and viruses; the Science Channel says microbes like humid environments and they like to hide from UV rays in light.

Above The Kitchen Cabinets
That no-man's land between cabinets and ceiling is a case of out of sight, out of mind. "We find years' worth of dust, rodent nests and droppings, long-forgotten food, and dead plants," says Derek Christian, owner of My Maid Service and coauthor of The House Cleaning Technician's Manual. "Very few people ever clean this area."

Your Bathtub
Any standing water that lingers after a shower or bath breeds mold, fungi, and staph bacteria, says Jackie Harmon, owner of Healthy Clean green cleaning company. "Whirlpool tubs are the worst because water gets trapped in the pipes, so dirt buildup and possibly mold is spouted out during use."

Remote Controls
Hands in all states of cleanliness handle it often. Yet it's rarely wiped clean, even after a sick day spent channel-flipping. "The TV remote is one of the germiest surfaces in your home," says Harmon of Healthy Clean.

Toothbrush Cup
Not only are they hard to clean, they're usually positioned next to the toilet, which sprays small amounts of fecal debris when flushed

Door Knob
Although modern knobs are usually designed to be bacteria resistant, these types of defenses aren’t always effective. Moreover, older non-resistant door knobs are going to be even worse

Fridge Handle
Refrigerator Let’s be honest, how often do you clean your fridge handles? Probably never. You should consider it though, because they are often infested with the same bacteria that live on poultry and pork. The reason for this is that people usually take meat out of the fridge, make themselves a sandwich, and then return it with without rinsing their hands.

Unless you’re cleaning your bathtub weekly then most likely whatever is lingering around your drain is going to be worse than whatever you find in your toilet. Staph infections, pneumonia, septicemia, and urinary tract infections have all been caused by dirty tubs.
Light switch
Like numerous other entries on this list, light switches often suffer from the “never been cleaned” syndrome. And after years of being flipped up and down by thousands of fingers they tend to end up with hundreds of bacteria per square inch. Just make sure that you’re not the last person to leave the conference room!

Microwave Pads
While you may keep your own personal microwave clean, how about at work? Even if you did decide to do everyone a favor by washing it down, just using soap and water won’t be enough to get rid of all the grease. In fact, unless you attack it with bleach you’ll have yourself a nice little bacteria colony growing right next to where you heat your food.

Your Sponge at home contains more bacteria than your toilet.
Every year, 14 bugs find their way into your mouth while you sleep. And yes, you do swallow most of them.