Monday, 27 January 2014

Infographic Scenes

These are the basic scenes I am using for my Infographic.

Scene 01: Light Switch
My first scene will start with dark, with a light switch just barely showing. The credits will roll, and then the light will switch on and a 3Dish circle will appear, with bacteria crawling around, like a petri dish. Another circle will then roll around the inside, producing a pie chart with the information above on it.

Scene 02: Toilet
The next scene is slightly different from the drawing above. There will be a hand that dips a sponge, but instead of a bucket it will be a sink. Once the sponge has been dunked, the sink will slide out to the left, and a toilet will slide in from the right to the centre, where the sponge will be dunked in the toilet then wiped on mirror.

Scene 03: Toothbrushes
The toothbrush scene, is, in my opinion, the most horrifying fact I have found. the scene will have a set of toothbrushes in a cup next to a toilet, the toilet will then flush and spew out brown particles which will travel and settle onto the brushes and engulf them

Switch 04: Shower Curtain
The Shower curtain scene and the bathtub scene's order are up for debate at the moment, they could possibly switch depending on how they turn out in the final mix. The Shower curtain is going to start bunched up to the left hand side and the open out fully.

Scene 05: Bathtub
This scene is going to be a birds eye view of a tub, with some water in it, it is a very simple scene, but then the text will change with another fact, and a swarm of bugs come up from the drain covering the bath in crawling bacterium.

Scene 06:
The final scene is going to be a cloth that falls from above and settle in the middle of the screen. the text will crawl into place around it and microbes will come out and start eating the cloth.

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