Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Research - Style/Idea

While researching, I looked certain styles. I really like the idea of going 3D with some 2D elements. The block colours with solid shadows also appeal to me, as it is simple, but looks really effective. 

The image on the bottom left hand corner caught my eye, as I like the way it is laid out, like a spider diagram, I can see myself replicating this in a way that I have the main view of my house in the centre, then have offshoots showing the different rooms then zooming in to see these rooms. The difference here, would be that the rooms are decorated like rooms around the house, but are unfurnished, and have the main focal point in the centre of the rooms with the facts and orbiting it. The main facts and objects will be in 2D to separate the focus between foreground and background

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