Friday, 17 January 2014

Script of Events

There is a fade in from black, and the camera is head on facing the bathroom door. The credits show, stating "Gross Facts About..' which fade out and "Bathroom" appears. This fades out and then the door opens into a pristine bathroom, white and elegant looking.  As the camera pans around the room, a head up display appears with the names of the different germs and gross facts about each piece of equipment (Fig. 01). The camera pans backwards showing the bathroom in its entirety and concentric circles start to emanate from the different germ inhabited places, such as the toilet, the drain, the toothbrush, the door handles etc.. (Fig. 02 + 03)

Fig. 01
(I couldn't find a picture of the image I wanted to show, so I made a quick mask in After Effects to show it.)

 Fig. 02

Fig. 03

The contour map is a kind of indication of how the germs disperse from the center, and fade out. I am also going to show this with the use of colour and shading, the darker the colour the more dense the germs, and the more washed out the colour looks, the less germs there are.

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