Friday, 7 February 2014

Final Video Infographic

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  1. There is a bit of a tug of war going on your work between successful and less successful qualities. For example, the animation is successful but graphical language less so. The information is interesting but the overall package less so (ending / direction) and so on - For every positive there is an equal negative. Encouragingly the imbalance is something which can be fixed in future work with a greater degree of effort in key areas and what is good about your work is very satisfying (the animation in particular). The area I suggest immediately focusing on for Adaptation B is:

    Design: The weakest part of this infographic is your design language which feels ‘off the shelf’ and underdeveloped (pratcially and logically). Interestingly you have a more old school ‘computer’ aesthetic (Windows 95/98) going on which I’m not sure you intended? In future projects raise the important of developing a visual style/ language instead of ‘snatching’ at one – It simply doesn’t work that way. It takes time and effort to find something appropriate and refined in both approach (thought process / world building) and practical terms.