Friday, 28 February 2014

Lebbeus Woods Architectural Influences

Lebbeus Woods (excuse the spelling mistake below) is an architect that chose to convey his designs in a more conceptual way rather than in model or CG form like Zaha Hidid.

Lebbeus Woods appealed to me instantly as he uses the kind of style I am looking for. For example, looking at the bottom middle of the influence map he has combined both the futuristic, curvy architecture with the standard "blocky" building that are found in most cities. 

As an added bonus, this building looks somewhat similar to the USR building from I,Robot (2004).

Another major part of Woods' work that appealed to me was the way all of his projects are made consisting of panels, rather than a smooth finish, like the traditional or "common" science fiction buildings. I want to incorporate this kind of style into my work, as it can easily show the historical future of the world I aim of produce.

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