Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Post Modern Architecture Influence

As Asimov's books were written with Post Modern architecture in mind, I looked at different building within those parameters to influence my work.

I also looked at more olden rustic looking houses, but mixed with modern elements.

My aim is to mix the two and find the intersection between all three categories. In my head I can imagine an estate utilising all of the materials to create a habitat not only for humans, but for the robots as well, as they need to gain their own power source, while keeping it discrete enough for comfort of the humans (known as spacers)

As far as land is concerned, there are up to 10,000 robots farming the land and keeping it fresh, suitable and fertile. Because this is done by the robots and not the humans, the equipment used to do this would not be fit to use by them and instead would be designed and manufactured for the robots.

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