Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Robots and Empire Research

Isaac Asimov – Robots and Empire Research

Sources from the book.

Power source:
Uranium (Abandoned)
Solar Power

Vast estates
Pipes into the ground to draw heat and energy from the core
Northern Hemisphere only inhabitable (Helionia)
Sea coasts, Rivers
Vegetation maintained by machines
1200 fields, 1 person and 10,000 robots per estate
Enormous tracts of land
Curved and sleek, elegant yet simple

                Disc like
                Not too dissimilar to Earth’s sun
                Sun spots

"The sky was an almost unmarked blue, except for a thin line of clouds on the western horizon"

Objects moved with telekinesis
Lived for centuries

Isaac Asimov’s “Robot” series was written between 1950 and 1985, a time where postmodern architecture was being introduced into society. This shows in a lot of his work where all of the architecture on Solaria is clean and smooth, it is without clutter and has a lot of curves to portray beauty in a simple way rather than overloading the mind with too much stimulus. I am going to look at Post Modern environments and building to give me an idea for the style I want to go for.

My original plan was to model the old and desolated environment of the time the book is set. However this has been found to be a little challenging as there isn't a a great deal of time spent on this place in the story. My revised idea is to re-create the memory of the home of Gladia where she describes how she remembers the estate she grew up on. 

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